CBC 2018

The first annual Collegiate Blockchain Conference took place on November 2018 to an audience of 240 attendees! Participants learned about the future of blockchain in law, healthcare, government, supply chain, and identity by speakers from prominent companies such as IBM, Dragonchain, Dinocrates and more.

Jennifer Blair

Keynote Speaker


IBM on Supply Chain

Jennifer Blair speaking on how blockchain is shaking up many different aspects of supply chain and discussed the role that IBM is playing in the field.


Panel on Supply Chain

In the first panel of the day, Jim St. Clair, Sam Abbasi, Humberto Lee, and Ken Baldauf discuss blockchain’s impact on supply chain. Supply chain is one of the fastest sectors to begin implementing blockchain.


Dragonchain on Blockchain identity

Paul Sonier, the CTO of Dragonchain, speaking on the importance of securing your data and personal information. In his presentation he explained how blockchain is the answer to the ongoing data crisis and the future of online privacy.